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Links to PPP Websites



  • Canadian Council for PPPs

    The Canadian Council for PPP is a member-sponsored organization with representatives from the public and the private sectors. The website provides information on definitions and models of PPP. There are also resources such as reports, speeches and presentations on PPP.

  • Infrastructure Ontario

    Infrastructure Ontario is a crown corporation for infrastructure development programmes. The website provides information on Projects, Alternatively Financing & Procurement, Value for Money and Risk Assessment.

  • Partnerships British Columbia

    Partnerships British Columbia is a company, wholly owned by the Province of British Columbia, responsible for coordinating ministries, agencies and the private sector to develop PPP projects. The website provides information on Projects including case studies and value for money reports. It also has various PPP Publications.

  • PPP Quebec

    PPP Quebec is an agency to advise the Government on public-private partnership matters. The website provides information on PPP Projects, including requests for proposal. It also provides various Documentation, e.g. Framework Policy, the Business Case (French) and Trends in Canadian Support for PPP.






  • Ministry of Finance - PPP

    This website provides a PPP Handbook and information on PPP projects.

South Africa

  • PPP Programme of the National Business Initiatives

    The National Business Initiative PPP Programme contributes to effective service delivery through the promotion and support of PPPs. The website provides information on the projects, case studies and other publications.

  • South Africa PPP

    This website is developed by the National Treasury of the South Africa Government. It provides background information on PPP, Standardised PPP Provisions and PPP Toolkit for Tourism projects.


  • HM-Treasury - PPP/PFI

    This website is developed by the HM Treasury of the UK Government. It provides the Key Policy, Standardisation of PFI Contracts, and Additional PFI Guidance.

  • Partnerships UK

    Partnerships UK is a PPP formed by the HM Treasury to accelerate the delivery of infrastructure renewal / public services and support the efficient use of public assets through PPP. The website provides case studies, a project database and guidance on PPPs.

  • Public Private Partnerships Programme (4Ps)

    4Ps is the UK local government's project delivery specialist. The website provides Publications and Guidance, and a Projects Database.

  • Serco Institute - PPP/PFI

    Serco is an international service company specialised on the provision of public services. The Institute is Serco's research facility. The Institute provides an on-line library of reports, articles, speeches and presentations published by various governments, organizations and the Institute.

  • National Audit Office - PFI and PPP Recommendations Database

    This website provides over 50 reports of investigations into PFI and PPP deals, and an Evaluation Framework for Implementation of PFI Projects.

  • Delivering Better Value for Money from the Private Finance Initiative

    This is a report prepared by the Committee of Public Accounts under the House of Commons in 2003 on the lesson learnt from previous PPP projects.

  • Financial Partnerships Unit, Scottish Executive

    This website is developed by the Scottish Government. It provides publications such as Value for Money Assessment Guidance, Guidance on Staffing Issues in PPPs, and standard contracts. It also provides information on PPP projects in Scotland.

  • Department for Education and Skills - PPP/PFI Schools

    The website is developed by the Department for Education and Skills of the UK Government. It provides information on PPP/PFI in Schools, including a project list and case studies.

  • Audit Commission Report on PFI in Schools

    This is an Audit Commission review report on PFI Schools published in 2003.

  • Department of Health - Private Finance Initiative

    This website provides information on health-related PPPs, including guidance, standard output specifications and standard contracts.


  • The National Council for PPP

    The National Council for PPP is a non-profit Corporation incorporated in US to advocate and facilitate the formation of PPP at the federal, state and local levels. The website provides guides, case studies and publications about PPP.

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Links to Outsourcing Websites


  • Outsourcing Issues in Human Resource Management

    This is a booklet published by the Australian Public Service Commission of the Australian Government. It provides information on the management of Human Resources Management issues in outsourcing e.g. communication strategy, staff support strategy, fairness, effective management of excess employees etc in outsourcing.

  • Aus Tender - registration (free) required

    This website is managed by the Department of Finance and Administration. It provides centralised publication of Australian Government including tender documents and contracts awarded.


  • Office of Government Commerce - Introduction to Procurement

    The Office of Government Commerce is responsible for better value for money by improving standards and capability in procurement. The website provides a step by step Introduction to Procurement and a Document Library including the Contract Management and Green PPP.


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