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Best Practice Publications

The Efficiency Unit (EU) produces a series of guides on "Serving the Community" as well as customised publications on public sector reform developments and international best practices worldwide. This is a proactive endeavour to help civil service managers understand and become more proficient with using the private sector, improving their expertise in project/programme development and alerting them to trends and changes that are occurring overseas.

How the EU Can Help
The guides published by the EU bring together relevant policies and regulations and put them into a practical and coherent structure, alongside the best practices incorporating lessons learned and experiences gained in Hong Kong and overseas.

Customised publications developed by the EU include a series on public sector reform developments worldwide, a business case guide that explains the need for government to develop and use a business case before embarking on a specific project and guides to outsourcing and PPPs.

All the guides and best practice reports are readily available, and are circulated to all Hong Kong Government Principal Officials, Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Department and Departmental Secretaries.

As each guide is published, the EU often provides training in consultation with the Civil Service Training and Development Institute (CSTDI), and holds concurrent seminars with civil service colleagues and private sector experts to drill down into particular areas of note.

A soft copy of each document is also placed at the Cyber Learning Centre Plus of the CSTDI, and the publications are freely available for download at the following website:

Success At A Glance
The EU continually seeks to identify new areas of expertise or skill sets where departments have expressed concern that they lack the capabilities to move forward.

Regular updating of individual guides means that the latest developments and best practices in Hong Kong and overseas are brought to colleagues' attention.

Regular feedback from bureaux and departments has indicated that the guides and customised publications on public sector reform are achieving their objectives in disseminating the latest global best practices to Hong Kongˇ¦s civil service managers.


List of Best Practice Publications:

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